Instagram image download / five super easy to use tools 2021

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Five super easy-to-use Instagram image download tools are recommended.
Instagram photo download is a problem that almost everyone who uses Instagram will encounter. When you see photos or videos that you like to favorites or share with friends on Instagram, you generally want to be able to download high-quality original images or videos to your phone or computer. So how to download ig high-quality pictures or videos quickly? In this article, let's share five free and easy-to-use ig photo and video download tools.


Instagram image download / five super easy to use tools 2021
Instagram image download / five super easy to use tools 2021

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  Instagram picture download website recommendation


You may use third-party apps or software when downloading ig pictures or videos, and the methods introduced this time are all online tools. You only need a network and a browser, and no additional software is required.


In addition, the advantage of online tools is that they are not limited to hardware and system. Whether you are using iPhone, Android, Windows or macOS, you can use the following five tools to Instagram image download and store ig photos and videos.


Regarding the following tutorials on using these tools, take the computer version of Chrome as an example, but the same applies to smartphones. In addition, if it prompts that cannot resolve it, or an error occurs during use, please refresh the current page and try to Instagram image download again.


  • Ingram
  • Bigbangram
  • I play
  • Instaoffline
  • Downloadgram


1.     Ingram


Official website address: ingramer.com/downloader/

Ingram is one of my most commonly used ig photo download tools, and I can say that Ingram is the best one to use. It is very friendly to Instagram image downloading and video downloading support. It not only supports ig downloading pictures but also supports ig videos, igtv, user avatars, and limited-time dynamics (Instagram Story). Can use these functions online for free. Ingram's powerful batch download function requires a paid upgrade before you can use it.


Ingram supports IG picture and video downloads and supports video downloads from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


How to use Ingram to download IG photos?


Ingram downloads ig pictures, and the method of downloading videos is the same. In this tutorial, download ig pictures as an example. First, visit the homepage of Ingramer Image Downloader. You can choose different menu tabs according to your needs. Here is an example of ig photo storage:


Download ig picture (Download Photo)


Download ig video (Download Video)


Download ig video (Download Profile)


Download ig limited time dynamics (Download Stories)


Download IGTV (Download IGTV)


Download ig user profile picture (Download DP)


First, you need to visit the Instagram web version to log in to your account, find the ig photo or video you want to download, click on the picture to enter the details page. You will see the more button (•••) in the upper right corner of the sticker. Click More and select the Copy Link option.


Post the copied sticker address in the input field of the Ingram Image Downloader page, and then click SEARCH to start the image analysis.


After waiting for a while, it will display the ig image at the bottom after successfully parsing. At this time, click the Download button below the image to download it.


2.     Downloadgram


Official website address: downloadgram.com/


Downloadgram is a relatively early Instagram picture and video download tool, and its function mainly focuses on Instagram picture and video download. Downloadgram supports the download of Instagram pictures, videos, IGTV, and Reels, and there is no mention of the download of limited time feeds (Instagram Story) for the time being.


But Downloadgram is not friendly to support multiple stickers for one post, and it does not download all the stickers like Ingram.


How to use Download gram to download IG pictures?


The first step is to get the ig picture or sticker address you want to download, open the Instagram web version to log in to your account, click the more button (•••) in the upper right corner of the details page of the sticker you want to download and click More Select Copy link in the options.


Visit the Downloadgram official website, post the copied link in the input field on the homepage, and then click the Download button at the bottom of the input field.


After the IG picture or video is successfully obtained, it will display a Download image or Download video button at the bottom of the download button. Just click download.


If it says that it cannot resolve it or an error occurs, please refresh the current page and download again.


3.     Bigbangram


Official website address: https://bigbangram.com/content/instagram-downloader/

The functions of Bigbangram and Ingramer are very similar, and it is a powerful social media tool. It is very friendly to Instagram's picture and video download support. Not only can it store ig pictures and ig videos, ig limited-time dynamics, IGTV, and ig user avatars. Bigbangram also supports batch downloads at no additional cost.


Bigbangram also supports video downloads on Twitter and Facebook platforms.


Instagram image download / five super easy to use tools 2021
Instagram image download / five super easy to use tools 2021

How to use Bigbangram to store IG pictures?


Visit the Instagram web version to log in to your account and click the copy link on the photo or video page. Open the Bigbangram website, select ig photo download (Instagram Photo Downloader), post the copied link in the input field of the ig photo download page, and click the Download button at the bottom.


After the IG image is successfully analyzed, it will be displayed below the download button, and then click the download button below the image to download it.


4.     I play


Official website address: igram.io/


Like Downloadgram, Igram is a tool that focuses on downloading Instagram pictures and videos. It currently supports downloading Instagram pictures, videos, Reels, and IGTV, and it does not support limited-time dynamic and batch downloading functions for the time being. How to use Igram to store IG photos?


Similarly, visit the Instagram web version to log in to your Instagram account and copy the link address on the sticker or video page. Visit Ingram's official website, post the copied link in the address input field, and click the download button (Instagram image download) to start the analysis.


Ingram has a long parsing time. After the parsing is successful, it will display multiple ig pictures with high quality. Generally, we will choose the highest quality and click on the corresponding picture Download to download it.


5.     Instaoffline


Official website address: instaoffline.net/


Instaoffline currently only supports the Instagram platform, which provides downloads of pictures and video Reels. Its functions are relatively simple. For the time being, there is no mention of the function of supporting limited-time dynamic and batch downloads. Compared with several other ig download tools, installing offline also has some optimization and improvement functions.


How to use ist offline to store IG pictures?


Open the Instagram web version and log in to your personal IG account, find the picture or video you want to download and click the copy link to get the address.


Open the install official offline website, post the copied link in the official website's input field, and click the download button (Download) at the bottom.


After Instaoffline resolves the link address successfully, the photo will be displayed below the download button, then click the download button (Download).


Two: Instagram video downloader recommendation

Although the IG video download online tool is free, it also has unstable and frequent download errors. And if you often need to download Instagram videos, you may choose to use a high-quality Instagram video downloader. Downie and Videoproc are two paid video downloaders carefully selected by us after testing, and they support Instagram video downloads very friendly.


1.     4K Video Downloader


Official website address: www.4kvideodownloader.com/


4K Video Downloader is currently the best Instagram video downloader on the computer. It supports music and video downloads from up to 1,000 audio-visual websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc. At the same time, it supports batch downloading of YouTube videos, YouTube video MP4 format conversion, YouTube video conversion to MP3, etc., and up to YouTube 4, K Video downloading.


2.     Videoproc(Windows&macOS)       


Video proc official website address: www.videoproc.com/


Video proc is an all-around video processing software, which provides four functions: Video and music format conversion, editing, DVD video conversion, online download, and screen recording. The online download function can download all kinds of live videos, playlists, music, and other video and audio files and supports 1000+ online video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In addition, video proc can download videos of different quality and supports up to YouTube 8K downloads.


Common problems of Instagram photo download


1.Is the IG photo download tool free?


Most IG photo download tools are free, but some powerful tools still need to be paid for. If you use it daily and don't need the batch download function, you can use most of the ig image storage tools for free. Where are my Instagram image download and videos?


Before you start downloading, you can set the download location of the IG picture in advance. Like the computer version of the Chrome browser, you can change the browser file download address in Settings> Download options. After the change is better, all the files you download through the Chrome browser are in your changed download location.


1.Are the downloaded IG pictures and videos available for commercial use?


Instagram is a global photo-sharing community. Downloading IG pictures and videos Instagram does not encourage Instagram image download tools due to copyright issues. Personal viewing of the collection does not involve legal issues. However, you still need to contact the original author to obtain the corresponding copyright authorization before commercial use when it comes to commercial use. Otherwise, there will be a risk of violating the law.


1.      Can I download pictures and videos from my personal Instagram account?


Can not. Unless you own the account or pass the account follow review for an Instagram private account, you cannot obtain the address information of ig pictures and videos.


Four, summary


There are many ways and tools to download IG photos, but few are stable and practical. However, if you are unwilling to install third-party apps or software, using the online tools provided in this article is also a good choice. The advantage of online tools is that the equipment system does not restrict them, does not need to install additional software, and does not need to occupy too much space on the local equipment. For IG photo and video downloads, which method are you using? Do you have a better way to ig download pictures and videos? Welcome to tell me in the message area!


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