Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp

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Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp, Now no one will know whether you are running the app or notNow you will also be able to hide your 'Online' status on WhatsApp. The company is working on this feature. The feature will help you hide from your friends, relatives and colleagues when you open the app.

Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp
Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced several privacy-oriented features over the years. From the ability to disable your read receipts and blue ticks to hide your profile photo from some or all contacts, the app has come with some unique features. However, one aspect of WhatsApp hasn't changed in a long time and that is the 'Online' indicator that appears under your name/number on others' devices every time you open the app and use it.


Now, it looks like WhatsApp is finally working on it, and may introduce a change to the app in the future, allowing you to completely turn off the 'online' status indicator, so you can share with your friends, family and friends. You can open the app whenever you want without informing colleagues.


According to a report by WABetaInfo which tracks new features of WhatsApp, the platform is working on a feature that will give WhatsApp users control over who can see their 'online' status.


This is how the new feature will work on WhatsApp


 As can be seen in the screenshot shared above, WhatsApp will let you choose between two settings for your 'Online' indicator. You can either set it to 'Everyone', which will show your online status to everyone when you're online (unless they're blocked) or you can choose the 'Same as Last Seen' option, which will show your online status to those same people as you. 'Online' status will show those who are allowed to see your 'Last Seen' indicator.


Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp
Now 'Online' indicator will be hidden on WhatsApp

 Depending on how you set up your 'Last Seen', your 'Online' status will also be available to more or fewer people. For example, if you set your 'Last Seen' to 'Nobody' and your 'Online' status to 'Same Last Seen', no one will be able to see both your 'Last Seen' and 'Online' indicators.


When will the feature come for stable users?


The report says that while the screenshots have been taken on iOS, the feature will eventually come to Android and desktop users as well. Note that this feature is currently in the development phase, so it is impossible to say how long it will take to arrive. However, the feature will first come to beta users, and after fixing any bugs, it will be rolled out to stable users.

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