Google Family Link For Parents app


Google Family Link For Parents app

Google Family Link is a mobile app designed to help parents manage and monitor their children's device usage. It allows parents to create Google accounts for their children and link them to their own account. This gives parents the ability to set screen time limits, approve or block app downloads, and even locate their child's device if it is lost or stolen. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of Google Family Link and how it can help parents manage their children's online activity.

Setting Up Google Family Link

To use Google Family Link, both the parent and child need to have a compatible device running Android 7.0 or later. Parents can download the app from the Google Play Store and follow the step-by-step instructions to create a Google account for their child. During the setup process, parents will be asked to create a PIN to manage their child's account settings.

Once the child's account is created, parents can link it to their own Google account. This will give parents access to a dashboard where they can monitor and manage their child's device usage. Parents can also choose to download the app on their child's device to manage settings on-the-go.

Screen Time Management

One of the key features of Google Family Link is the ability to set screen time limits for children. Parents can set a daily limit for how long their child can use their device, and even set a bedtime schedule to automatically lock their child's device at a certain time. When the time limit is reached, the child's device will display a message indicating that their time is up. Parents can also choose to extend the time limit if needed.

App Management

Google Family Link allows parents to approve or block app downloads on their child's device. When a child tries to download an app, the parent will receive a notification on their device. From there, the parent can choose to approve or block the app. Parents can also view a list of all the apps their child has installed on their device and choose to uninstall them if necessary.

Location Tracking

Another useful feature of Google Family Link is the ability to locate a child's device if it is lost or stolen. Parents can view their child's device location on a map from their own device. This can provide peace of mind for parents, especially when their child is away from home or school.

Privacy and Security

Google Family Link is designed with privacy and security in mind. Children's Google accounts created through Family Link have certain restrictions in place to protect their privacy. For example, their account cannot be used for targeted advertising and they cannot share their location data with other Google services. Parents can also set content filters to block inappropriate content and limit access to mature websites.


Google Family Link is a powerful tool for parents who want to manage their children's device usage and ensure their safety online. With features like screen time management, app management, location tracking, and privacy and security controls, parents can feel confident that their child is using their device responsibly. If you have a child with a compatible Android device, consider downloading Google Family Link to start managing their online activity today.